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Old Verulamians Lodge No. 7988

in the Province of Hertfordshire

Consecrated on the 14th November 1964

OV's Logo


There has been a steady decline in the number of Freemasons within the United Kingdom. Even more worrying is that many leave within the first five years of their Masonic life and the number of active masons in most Lodges seems to be declining. Even in the friendliest of lodges an initiate can feel isolated especially if his proposer and seconder are active Lodge officers with little time to spare at meetings. To combat some of these problems a programme has been designed and implemented to create Masonic Mentors in Lodges to help them with the retention and engagement of our newer brethren.

The Lodge Mentor

A Lodge can have several Mentors; the Lodge Mentor is the brother in overall charge of coordinating the Lodge's Mentoring programme. He will not necessarily mentor anyone himself, but has the responsibility for selecting the most appropriate Personal Mentor for each individual.

The Personal Mentor

On initiation, every new Mason is allocated a Personal Mentor or “Masonic Friend” who will act as his guide and philosopher. The candidate's proposer and seconder will in many cases assume the role of Personal Mentor if possible.

The Programme

We have produced a number of aids to assist the candidate's Personal Mentor to help him through his Masonic Journey.

Each candidate receives a pack relevant to the degree containing:
  • A letter of welcome.
  • The Summons.
  • A booklet containing the ritual for their ceremony.
  • The Peterborough booklet.
  • Masonic Points of Learning.
  • A CD containing the documentation plus additional information.